MoR ID cards

February 16th, 2011

The Ministry of Rules ID cards were delivered today! Excellent!

MoR ID badges - make sure you collect yours before you join in the investigations!

Everyone (well, at least the first 500!) joining the MoR as an Inspector and taking part in the various activities over the half term week will get one of these ID badges to wear. We’ll be issuing different coloured lanyards for each half day – grab an extra string for your bow badge each time you take part.

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Find-an-Interesting-Sign challenge

February 13th, 2011

We wanted to make a find-the-sign challenge for the streets around the New Walk Museum and Gallery, but all the signs we found were about things like dog poo and drinking in the streets – frankly a bit too depressing.

So, the Ministry of Rules is instead asking all MoR Inspectors to keep their eyes peeled for interesting signs (for instructions and rules) near them. Can you find any with quirky messages or that are made in an unusual way?

Share any good ones you spot by emailing them to Put the photo’s title in the email’s subject and any other details in the email’s message. You can read more about how to share photos with the MoR here.

Here are some our intrepid test Inspectors have found over the last week:

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