Museum fixer-uppers

February 26th, 2011

It begins:

You must be the museum fixer-uppers. Have you come here to help us?
Great! ‘cos we really need your help – we’ve got a very big problem…
What’s happened is that for years and years and years the people who work in the museum just stopped coming to work and there was no-one to look after the museum any more. Can you imagine what happened to all the things in the museum?

That’s right: as time went by the dust started building up higher and higher and the exhibits started to get a bit crumbly and bits started to fall off them. All the bits got all muddled up and now we don’t know what bit has come from where, what the bits are made from or how they all fit together.

The boss has called in the museum fixer-uppers (that’s us) and asked us to sort out the mess. Will you help us? Please?

Phew! ‘Cos we really need your help!

What cool things have you seen in the museum today?
Can you imagine what would happen if no-one looked after it for ages and it started falling to bits? What bits would fall off it? What would it look like?

Could you make those bits for us please and then we can give them all a label so we don’t get muddled up again?

Excellent! Get to it!

Fixer-uppers at work

Miscellaneous bits and bobs found in the museum amongst the dust

Great work from everyone!

All the bits left with us will be on display for the next week or so – you’re welcome to come and collect your work after that if you would like (maybe contact the City Gallery team to let them know to put it in a safe place).

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