TOP SECRET trails!

February 24th, 2011

Today the MoR Inspectors made their own TOP SECRET trails around the museum and art gallery building. This was in response to the potential loss of guided tours if the staff went on strike.



The Inspectors were asked to decide what the 3 most awesome things in the whole building were – the things they would really want their friends to know about. If they had come straight up to the MoR headquarters without looking around the museum first then we equipped them with a clipboard and sent them out on a reconnaissance mission.

We gave everyone a special map of the building and asked them to draw on them the journey people should make from the MoR HQ in order to see the cool things.




The results were ace with some great selections and ways of showing them on the maps. In order to keep the maps TOP SECRET we put them up at the back of the HQ so only MoR Inspectors would be able to see them. Inspectors had to memorise the trails and then go out and find the things on them.

All the TOP SECRET museum trails kept safe at the back of the MoR HQ

In order that Inspectors could be sure that they had found the correct items, each trail also had some accompanying markers that were placed next to the objects shown on the map. Since these were TOP SECRET trails we didn’t want to put the markers at normal height so normal people could see them. Oh no. We sneakily put the markers on the ground so that only Inspectors looking for secret trail markers would see them.

Going around the museum and art gallery at the end of the day, we spotted these markers:

Nice work guys!

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