Memory machines!

February 23rd, 2011

One of the making tables in a lull over lunch time

The MoR HQ full of busy Inspectors during a making session

So, today’s investigation was all about the idea of making memory machines: if the museum staff were ever to not come in to work, and if there was no-one around to explain what the things in the museums and galleries are, would that mean that we would all eventually forget about things that happened in the past?

We weren’t that happy about that possibility, so the Inspectors designed, made and used some rather marvellous memory machines to ensure that the really important stuff in the building would never get forgotten.

It was really interesting chatting to people about the things they thought were important to remember. The ‘bouncy castle’ and the dinosaurs were understandably top of a lot of lists, but there were also many less obvious choices as well as a few brave Inspectors who set out to remember everything!

The designs were all fab and I was also treated to some very detailed explanations of their construction and how they work. In order to give you a flavour of the inventiveness of the Inspectors, below is a tiny selection of the memory machines made:

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