Sneaky signs

February 21st, 2011

For Monday’s afternoon session we made some signs for some more creative rules and instructions that we thought we’d like to see in museums and galleries instead of the usual “do not touch”.

Everything is Made: a book cover designed by Bob and Roberta Smith.

We took some design inspiration from the Bob and Roberta Smith paintings in the gallery and produced our hand-made signs on thick cardboard (we didn’t have any wood).

Once we’d made 20-30 of these signs we challenged ourselves to find homes for them somewhere in the New Walk building. We didn’t know if the museum assistants in the other rooms would be on our side or not: would they help us or try and stop us? We decided the best approach might be to try and be sneaky and not be seen by anyone.

Sneaky sign in situ

Reminded of our Inspector’s promises a) to not cause harm to any thing, b) to not cause harm to any one and c) to be AWESOME! we spread out around the building.

Apart from a few of the Inspectors reporting feeling “a bit weird”, all went smoothly and soon Inspectors were challenging each other to find their signs, or to find as many as possible (one team reported finding 20!).

Secretary Lucy and I went for a wander after the MoR had shut for the day. Here are some of the sneaky signs we found:

Hop past this art work

Look up!

Skip on the spot

Please touch me. Don't be scared!

Skip past this picture


Good work, Inspectors!

We left the signs where we found them, so if you’re in the museum over the next couple of days keep your eyes peeled in case you can find some too!

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