Setting up the MoR headquarters

February 21st, 2011

We can’t be expected to do some awesome investigations without an awesome headquarters, so we spent Monday morning getting our space set up the way we wanted it.

Our first Inspector decided we needed a proper place to put photos of all the MoR staff, so he kindly set about making a sign for an Inspectors’ Gallery. This got filled up through the day as more and more people decided they had what it takes to work for the MoR.

New recruits for the Ministry of Rules proudly showing off their ID badges having successfully taken the MoR pledge.

By lunchtime we had also acquired a variety of signs, instructions, a clock, an investigations van, a secret code and much more…

Inspector-generated stuff!

A team of Inspectors work on a sign.

MoR HQ full of Inspectors working industriously.

By the end of the two sessions we’d pretty much filled all the wall space… Someone described the HQ as feeling like a laboratory – as good a description as any!

MoR HQ at the end of Monday

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