Nose trumpets!

February 22nd, 2011

From the hugemongous mind map yesterday came the ideas that if there were no museum assistants coming to work at the museums then there might not be anyone to switch the lights on and everything would therefore be in the dark and we wouldn’t be able to see the paintings. Following on from this someone suggested that we might smell the paintings instead of looking at them. This came with the added bonus of not breaking the “do not touch” rule – excellent!

For our investigations today we explored the idea of using nose trumpets – contraptions to help us smell better. (A bit like ear trumpets, but different…)

The MoR headquarters was a hive of activity for the 4 hours we were open, with many, many Inspectors making fully-functional nose trumpets.

Nose trumpet manufacture

Nose trumpet manufacture

Here is a tiny selection of the results:

After making their nose trumpets the Inspectors then went out to explore the museum and see what different smells they could hunt down. Several people took clipboards and paper with them so they could record their findings. Here’s a nice range of smells from Inspector Anna:

A list of smells found and examined in the museum building

Being stationed back at the nose trumpet factory I didn’t get to see much of them being put into use, however there was at least one sighting of nose trumpets over on the other side of town!

Inspector Joshua also shared some great photos with our project Flickr account and we have this one of him out and about with his trumpet and clipboard:

Inspector Joshua. Ministry of Rules.

Thanks to Joshua and to everyone else who joined us at the MoR today – we’re really looking forward to tomorrow’s investigations!

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